And There Were Stars in Our Eyes
 - Petra Collins 

Olaf Otto Becker

Marisa Salinas

Jay Mark Johnson, Costantino Sott Acqua 2, Cetona, Italia, 2007


Robert Götzfried

Salt Works, Bonaire
Photograph by William Goodwin
When evaporation pans at solar salt operations reach a certain level of salinity, halophilic archaebacteria, one of the oldest life-forms on Earth, proliferate, turning the brine pink. Here in these stark environs, pink, white, sky blue, and silence set the mood. Cargill Salt Works, south end of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.









this is all the evidence I could find except for a private blog post on wordpress that I requested access to and will wait to hear back on. Chance seems to have gone to a lot of trouble to scrub the internet of all evidence of his abuse. but yeah, “false allegations” and “cyberbullying” my ass. Chance Armstrong is a serial rapist. signal boost this to keep our community safe. anyone who can provide further evidence should please contact me.

hey if you could actually reblog a post calling out a rapist in our community that would probably be the right thing to do instead of pretending this didn’t happen and being a rape apologist

Chance goes by Ziggy Bobo on facebook and in person. He and I lived in the same building at the Evergreen State College and when this came up he fled the school (apparently to the bay area in California, but I can’t confirm that). He also might be able to return to Evergreen this next coming school year. Watch out for this guy.

thanks for the further info.

I know this guy in real life (or at least I did when he lived in GA) and he is indeed a serial rapist. Please everyone be careful.

Ziggy and I also lived in the same building at The Evergreen State College this past school year. From day one he’s made several people highly uncomfortable in their actions with him, such as aggressively flirting with queer women and using the excuse of “it’s okay, I’m trans” to justify these actions. His bedroom window faced a main walkway and he often left his blinds open, standing naked in front of this window (which was low enough to clearly show his genitals). I saw this more times than I can count. His blatant disregard for the consent of others is clear in these actions alone, so it comes as no surprise that he is also a serial rapist. I can confirm robespierresbutt’s comment about Ziggy fleeing the school when this information came up. His room was empty within a matter of days.Stay away from this man. Furthermore, stay away from the site FTM Fucker, which currently openly employs him.

Rapist warning, for everyone attending The Evergreen State College this Fall.

UPDATE ON ZIGGY: he is currently looking for housing in Olympia and plans to return to Evergreen in the fall, as evidenced by this post on OPIUM. 
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stay safe friends!!!this is his instagram:


Team Never Been Dragged 

Team Clean Record 

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